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Save Water, Time and Money with the following tips to get your automatic sprinkler system up and running again following its winter hibernation.

1. Check the Soil. Use a shovel to make sure the soil is thawed to a depth of at least 12′. 2. Check the Controller. Clean; check settings and replace the battery back-up. 3. Check for Obstructions. Remove dirt and debris from sprinkler heads. 4. Check for Wear and Tear. Replace broken or worn nozzles, valves, pipes and other components. 5. Check the Valves. Inspect valves closely to ensure they are functioning properly and there is no leakage. 6. Check for Surge. Open valve slowly when restoring water to avoid system damage from a water pressure surge. 7. Check Water Pressure. Make sure the water pressure is within the suggested operating range, typically 40 – 65 PSI.

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