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DJ Rain employs a fleet of 8 full-time service trucks, all equipped with a complete line of sprinkler parts. We are committed to helping our customers conserve water and maintain healthy grass, plants and trees.

DJ Rain is always ready to service and / or repair your irrigation system. Our professional service technicians are fully trained to:

– Repair Leaks
– Replace and / or Service Irrigation Valves
– Replace and / or Service Sprinkler Heads
– Replace Piping – Polyethylene or PVC
– Trouble Shoot and Repair Control Wire Issues

– Service or Replace Timing Modules
– Diagnose and Service Irrigation Controllers
– Change or Adjust Sprinkler heads according to landscaping updates

To schedule a lawn sprinkler repair or general service call please contact DJ Rain at (416) 746-8860.

To book an evaluation of your irrigation or lawn sprinkler system, or if you have any questions for DJ Rain, please click here .

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