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Before a contractor can present you with a bid, they must do their homework. This includes: coming to your property, meeting with you face-to-face, surveying and sketching out the property, locating the water source, taking a read of the water pressure and finally, understanding your needs and what you want to accomplish.

Experience does count – make sure you are comfortable with the experience level of the contractor. If you are not sure, the best reference is a recent customer.

It’s not all about price, even though we often use price as the only deciding factor. Contractors who have a significantly lower price than their competition have to cut corners in order reduce their costs. This could mean leaving out a backflow preventer, not using the proper installation techniques or even, not completing the work. Make sure you have selected a contractor based on their service, design plan and ability to install the system properly.

If you need have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact D.J. Rain by phone at (416)746-8860 or email us

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